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Our car and van services include:

At ADT Motors Central Garage we've got a range of comprehensive car and van services for you, allowing you keep your warranty up-to-date and ensure your vehicle's running smoothly. These include oil checks, clutches, brakes, exhausts, checking tyre tread, maintenance and EPU re-mapping, which actively improves your car's efficiency.


Both our car services and our van services may differ somewhat, so for a more detailed breakdown for your vehicle, be sure to call us on 01756 228 365 or email.

Want more from us?

Are you looking for more than vehicle servicing? At ADT Motors Central Garage we provide a whole range of vehicle services that will ensure your car complies with regulations and runs smoothly. These include a detailed diagnostics and MOT services. For more information, follow the relevant links.

Car servicing for your vehicle

Keep your warranty up-to-date with our vehicle servicing

Cars in the garage being serviced